Neptr was created by Finn to prank Jake.Neptr was created in the episode ' What is Life'.He became active when Neptr was struck by lightning.Neptr's personality changed when Neptr got struck by Ice king`s lightning.In the episode Hot to the touch ' 'Neptr was said to be hiding for 15 months,4 days,9 hours. Then Neptr helps Finn and Jake bulid a robotic suit to protect themselves from Flame Princess.Neptr later returns in BMO Noire .


Neptr's personality is a prankster because Neptr likes Finn's pranks.Neptr used to have a personality of catching princesses (because of Ice King`s Lightning).

Ablities And PowersEdit

Neptr has the power to throw poisonus pies.Neptr also has an ablity to bulid robots.